Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today at Kids5B

so, whats new today?

The scouts have set up camp. We got a pack of bunnies to pet. We had the person in charge of HardKnock Elementary School coming over to visit. We are gonna have a contest to get a logo selected. We are considering adding a third sim to the celebration. we have a sim content manager. I wet my pants in class. The city sim is coming along nice n speedy. The Second Life Children will have a presence. The Goonies are gonna show up in a build too. We are submitting our own application to have a gateway presence at the big peoples SL5B.

And what did you do today? drop us a comment!



Anonymous said...

Well, Bobby did some major earthquaking on SIM 2 and almost messed his pants when he realized what he did. But within 30 minutes we had the requested rollback, LL worked really fast and well this time, and everything was good again. Dusan later baked the terrain, so that no *major* harm can be done anymore, but please, when terraforming, stay away from the button "revert land" :-)

Anonymous said...

/me giggles at Bobby. (hey, I'm the blonde one! leave the dumb stuff to me! :-)

We're making great progress on Sim 2. Takeru, Sven, Mandoo, Caitlyn, Draco, Bobby... everyone spending so much time there, it's really kool.

Two ideas I am working on for Downtown:
an exhibition called "i has two ansers", that makes the connection between famous Lolkittenz and the way SL Kids like to act. Fun.
and a house thats kinda chaotic (in a Pippi Longstockings sense maybe).
I am also very happy that the awesome Cimy Nagy (of Undercity fame) announced to make a build for Downtown. Yay!!11


Myrtil Igaly said...

Would be useful to give the name of the content manager here, I keep forgetting what his exact name his :op

Anonymous said...

Kurtisjustin Corrigible