Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adult2Kid Workshop

The adult-to-kid workshop.

Idea for Kids5B
(for more info/description, contact Pais Kidd)

We're going to have a lot of adult/non-kid avatars visiting. One reation I often get when someone sees my avatar is, "oh cool, a kid - can I be one?"
If you have ever helped a new avatar become a kid by taking him all around to various stores to get all the stuff they need, you know it can take a lot of time and TPing.

so, for our Kids5B, why not make it easy?

1. A one stop place for freebies so that in a few minutes, some one can choose some basic parameters of shape, skin, gender, hair, shoes, clothes and accessories and transform into a kid.

this is a building/shop where people can enter and select kid's shapes, skins, clothes, and accessorites that are offered from our communities vendors (with enough freebies so that someone can transition easily with no or little expense to a kid).

This idea depends on vendors of the various things to offer a freebie/demo version of their stuff to be included. The kits/freebies would include LMs to their stores/malls.

2. Yellow pages directory for Kids stuff

We can also have notecard for kids stores and malls and other places where we get our cool stuff to wear... not even all kids necessarily, since some things like shoes or hair are hard to find... the notecard woudl have categories, descriptions, and LMs, for things like,

Boys/Girls, Age ranges, Toys, Furniture, Structures, Shopping, Shoes, Hair, Clothes, etc

Thus, it would not only be a nice reference for all of us, but it will expose vendors and malls to help reinforce our community

3. Appearance and location ideas

my first thought is it would look like a huge calvin and hobbes "transmorgiifier" box. perhaps lots of people won't know this reference, but this was a cardboard box that calvin used to change shape.

The place could also have a cool graphic showing a kid burting out of a stupid looking adult shape, saying "release your inner child", "be a kid again", etc etc.

We have a location selected for this
Currently there is a very crude sketch there and a beginning structure (that looks like a cardboard box)

4. I need help!!!!
OK, I came up with the idea (several others also had similar ideas) but I don't have a lot of time, skills, or much else. However, I will try to help organize things. I need volunteers that are willing to help make this happen:

a) Build/modifiy the structure. this should be relatively simple ). the idea is for it to look like a cardboard box (like calvin's transmorgifier) that is laying on its side with the flaps open.. myrtil has created one that looks great... we may need to modify it depending on what we come up with to give out the stuff.

b) solicit, collect donations - we need shapes, skins, clothes, hair, and other kid gear. It would be nice that we had a notecard with listings of malls and stores for things with landmarks. This would not only be a nice resource for people wanting kid stuff, but a good way to support and thank people who donate freebies

c) create displays/vending - this is the biggest thing we need - once we have stuff, we need a nice way for people to select it.
- the simplest way is just to have vendor tools for selecting, but we have gotten other ideas
- a menu of selections, size, shape, etc, that the user makes, then they some how get transformed. I have no idea if this is really possible.
- a suggestion was that once a person selected what they wanted, they are teleported to a changing room, then they teleport back when done.
- another idea i have gotten is that people walk in one end of the box and walk out the other chanced.

In the end, since I don't have any of the skills needed, I need someone with the skills to put something together. For this, so please anyone volunteer.

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Adz Childs said...

I think the transmorgifier is a great idea and will be really cute.