Saturday, June 14, 2008

Exhibition islands

Our two sims are getting filled with prims fast. For their information displays, toys and works of art most kids use the village, the old city, downtown, the forrest and almost all other areas of our sims. That's great. It seems that the area used least so far are the two "exhibition islands" - that's a shame, since they are really cool builds (hooray for Caitlyn ^^) - great places for photography, displays or prim thingies. In my original map of the city sim I called those little islands "exhibition" caus it sounded like a good idea, but also knowing that all of Kids5B would be a huge exhibition anyway - so, we don't HAVE to use the "exhibition islands" for displaying stuff, maybe it sounds too boring to show stuff on islands dedicated to exhibitons? There is plenty of stuff to see in all places, so we could use the two little islands as playgrounds, too. Or for something wikid cool we didn't even think of yet but might come up with in the next few days. Let me know what you think. Oh, and try the fun hang glider on top of the norhtern exhibition island. Fun! ^_^


Anonymous said...

The hang gliders now have the kids5b logo too!

Basically, the entire island is setup around a singular path concept (except for the 2 trolley stops). People enter on the first island, snake around the islands, then on the 2nd island go up a ramp to a 2nd floor of booths on the 1st island. Then the gliders are above that to give people an added incentive to visit the exhibits there .... and when they go on them they see other things in the sims they want to see.

So far 2 people have set up shop and another was also interested, so we are making progress but there are a lot of booths free. If we decide to make it a playground we should decide that sooner rather than later so there is time to actually build it.

Thanks for the post about them Rai!

Rai Fargis said...

Awesome, I didnt know Myrtil and Artic already show their pictures there ^^